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Although Thornbury Castle does not have its own spa on site, we work closely with ‘Vicarage Farm’, a nearby holistic therapy centre. Guests may book treatments in their bedchambers or take a short drive to visit the centre itself.

Holistic massage therapies

Whilst staying at Thornbury Castle, you may wish to take advantage of the holistic massage therapies, beauty and skin care treatments available in the convenience, luxury and privacy of your own room. We are pleased to offer you an impressive selection of specialist massage, high quality beauty treatments and pampering relaxation days, all carried out by fully qualified therapists to meet your specific needs.

Holistic massage therapy treatments are designed to relieve fatigue, promote relaxation and enhance muscle flexibility for optimal well-being. All treatments are suitable for both men and women and can be arranged 'for two' by request.

Aromatherapy massage

An aromatherapy massage is a full body treatment using blended essential oils that can be prepared to provide you with either a deeply relaxing experience or a revitalising treatment, both nurturing those in need of a little TLC. These oils are extracted from a variety of plants and are absorbed into the body simultaneously through the skin and by inhalation. When warmed, the individual properties of the oils are enhanced, creating the ultimate sensory massage experience.

60 minutes - £55

Swedish deep-tissue massage

Adapted from traditional Swedish techniques, this deep tissue treatment physically stimulates the circulatory system, lymphatic system and sensory nerves at the point of treatment, invigorating your entire body. This is a more revitalising and physical treatment, easing muscle tension and improving mobility.

60 minutes - £60


Reflexology is the application of special pressures to stimulate tiny reflex points on your feet. These correspond to glands and organs throughout the body. Reflexology follows the principle that energy travels through the body along pathways known as meridians. Stimulating these pressure points can aid in relaxation, stimulate your circulatory system and redress imbalances to restore poise and well-being.

50 minutes - £50

Indian head massage

Let this massage clear your mind and melt tension and fatigue caused by mental stress. This treatment focuses on the upper body: scalp, face, neck, shoulders, arms and upper back. As these are the key areas of the body most vulnerable to stress, this treatment will release physical and emotional stress, promoting peace, mental clarity and enhancing overall relaxation.

40 minutes - £45

Aroma de-stress

Leave all your worries behind. Enjoy a relaxing, soothing massage which encompasses the back, neck and shoulders and the backs of your legs. Specifically selected aromatherapy essential oils are used to relieve tension and provide a calming massage, soothing tense muscles and promoting better sleep patterns for a completely de-stressed experience. Ideal simultaneous treat – why not de-stress together?

45 minutes - £45

Back, neck and shoulder massage

Need a little 'pick-you-up'? This powerfully effective and deeply relaxing massage will do the trick! Your therapist will gently roll over tight muscles to relieve tension and discomfort in these stress-holding areas, leaving you miraculously refreshed!

30 minutes - £40

Together with Vicarage Farm we can also offer Pamper Day Packages, Wedding Treatments, Dermalogical Treatments and other beauty treatments for our residents.

In the event of a cancellation of an appointment, we would require 24 hours' notice; otherwise a full charge will be incurred.

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