About us

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is fully supported at Board level, with the policy, progress and future activities reviewed annually by a steering committee. We’re committed to compliance with relevant environmental, health and safety and employment legislation and the day-to-day operations of our hotels and offices reflect these commitments. Team members are encouraged to contribute to meeting our objectives and developing our commitments. We encourage this through training, communication and active involvement in local projects. 

We sustainably develop and protect our grounds and gardens

  • We grow herbs that are used in our restaurants.
  • We work to the no-dig method of gardening. This helps to protect soil structures, improve drainage and water run- off, and reduce the need for chemical intervention. 
  • All food waste from the kitchens is turned into compost which is used within the gardens. 
  • All coffee grinds are turned into compost which is used within the gardens.
  • Where possible we work chemical free, reducing chemical use across the estate.
  • We grow all of our plant stock from seed or cuttings, enabling us to get the best quality stock without having to import.
  • Over the last three years we have planted 30 fruit trees within The New Orchard on the estate. We are focussing on local varieties within a 20 miles radius and are working with local nurseries to source unknown varieties.
  • The New Orchard is grazed by a flock of Boreray Sheep, which are on the rare breeds list and are currently classed as a vulnerable breed. By working with a local farmer, we are providing space to grow the flock in number and therefore protect the breed.
  • The Boreray sheep keep the grass in the orchard at a manageable length throughout the year, reducing our need for large cutting equipment and reducing our carbon footprint.
  • We run the estate based on Regenerative principles, taking great care to protect and enhance our soil to enable maximum carbon sequestration.
  • Within our walled gardens we are lucky enough to have a number of original bee boles; these are now filled with 12 bee skeps. These are traditional bee hives which were used during the Tudor period. It is our aim to encourage wild and natural swarms of bees to reside in the skeps to produce honey for use and sale within the restaurant. 
  • We are working in association with South Gloucestershire Bee Keepers Association who moved their main Apiary to Thornbury Castle in 2018. We house between 10 14 modern hives on the estate, which act as a teaching resource while also providing us with honey and pollinators.
  • We have designed a range of new planting schemes as part of the redevelopment of the castle in 2020 which focus on pollinators, working on a UV spectrum to encourage our bee population.


We reduce food miles and promote an ethical supply chain in our food sourcing

  • We buy British where possible, taking into account food seasonality and quality of produce.
  • We use products that are produced in our gardens, such as vegetables, herbs and eggs.
  • We have hives in the grounds and work with a local beekeeper to produce organic honey. This honey can be found on the breakfast buffet and on our menus.


We train and develop our team, and support the local community

 All team members have the opportunity to learn and develop a range of skills as well as attend training events to support their ongoing development. This includes:

  • annual appraisals leading to a personalized development plan;
  • off-job training and development activities and qualifications;
  • work groups to expand experience and develop new skills;
  • support for the local community and local museum.


We reduce waste and support the recycling of the waste products

  • Paper and cardboard is compacted on site.
  • Glass is recycled.
  • Cooking oil is removed by specialist contactors.
  • Stationery is reused.
  • Separate recycling bins are provided for paper products.
  • Our bar is plastic-free, including no plastic straws.


The Khamas Group

The Khamas Group is a remarkable success story in the UAE. One of the most respected enterprises, it has grown along with the developments in the Emirates. The Group is a leading stakeholder in construction and other industries. Its stakes are seen in major business interests, with over 120 enterprises in the Emirates alone. It is globally recognized through its Divisions: Developments, Contracting & Construction, Hotels, Hospitality, FMCG, Manufacturing, Franchising, and Education. Staffed with highly-qualified and experienced professionals, Khamas Group operates in the UAE and international markets. Its manpower team now exceeds 10,000, and is expected to grow in line with its expansion.