15 acres of land...

The 15 acres of land that surround the castle itself provide both stunning views and boundless activity for all who stay with us. From the fineries of our meticulously manicured lawns to the numerous gardens and rolling countryside, our outdoor areas are just as evocative of historic Tudor England as the stone walls and majestic interiors of the castle itself.


The Rose Garden

The recently relocated and revitalised Rose Garden is located in the space that once housed a 1920s summerhouse. The sumptuous variety of 200 stems – chosen for their historical roots or connotations – provide the focal point for a spectacularly scented and beautiful stroll.

Kitchen Garden and Herb Garden

Our Kitchen Garden is a continually inspiring source of inspiration (and indeed produce) for the chefs in our restaurant. The Herb Garden, where we are growing over 20 herbs from the Tudor period, offers a certain textural beauty not only to gentle walks around the castle, but to so many of the flavoursome dishes we create in our kitchens and delicious drinks infusions from our lounge bar.

The Privy Garden and Labyrinth

The Privy Garden and Labyrinth each offer a refined take on the classic Tudor garden experience: the first, a stone wall-encased explosion of white-flowering foliage around which to relax and enjoy refreshment; the second, a winding journey through wildflowers and long grass, which features a magnificent array of tulips from April through to June.